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The Last “D” of Deterioration. Descent or Droopiness of the Skin.

November 22nd, 2010

During our youth our face is full, rounded and the skin is firm. As we age, we gradually lose these features and our face descends or moves “south”. Laxity of the skin develops around the eyes. Hooding of the upper lid begins. We notice jowling along the jaw line. The neck skin becomes looser and crepiness becomes prominent. Adding volume with dermal fillers helps to support some of the laxity.

To actually firm the skin, tightening procedures need to be considered. An excellent option to improve the laxity is a procedure known as Thermalift or more commonly referred to as Thermage. The Thermage treatment uses high energy radio frequency to gently heat the collagen in our skin. The heat stimulates an increased synthesis of the structural protein collagen and tightens the skin in three dimensions. The result is a firmer and thicker skin, all occuring with no surgery involved.

Thermage is performed around the world and has an excellent safety record. The results generally occur over a six month period, however many people notice tightening the day of the treatment. If you are under sixty years old and have up to moderate laxity of your skin you are likely a very good candidate for this procedure. Thermage can also be used to treat laxity of the arms, the chest and the abdomen. Thermage is another part of the combination approach to achieve the best results.

In summary, for maximum benefit to non-surgically improve aging skin, a treatment plan combining Botox, Dermal Fillers, Intense Pulsed Light (Photorejuvenation), Thermage and possibly fractionated laser resurfacing would be optimal.

Thank you for tuning in. Join me next time, when I will discuss the treatment of acne.

The beauty of Thermage

November 3rd, 2010

Please enjoy the first video in our vlog series of postings. In this video, I discuss tightening and contouring of your skin using our effective procedure, Thermage .