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What is Your Skin Concern?

IPL Photorejuvenation

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive light therapy designed to restore youthfulness by erasing sun damage and also improving tone and texture.

This technology improves brown spots, sun damage, fine wrinkles, and enlarged pores. It smoothes the skin and significantly improves redness caused by aging, Rosacea, and acne scarring.

IPL treatments are performed every few weeks to ensure you have little or no downtime. You can return to work the same day and regular activities can usually be resumed within a few hours.

The degree of improvement varies depending on the degree of correction required and the number of sessions performed. Typically, 5-6 treatments are required. The same treatment can be used effectively on the neck, chest, and the hands.

Dr. Thompson will work with you to find an appropriate maintenance program to preserve the renewed health and youthfulness of your skin.

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