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What is Your Skin Concern?

Wrinkles, Fine Lines & The Effects of Aging

We look in the mirror and realize we look older than we feel inside. Most
people say they feel an average of 10 years younger than they look.

Lines and wrinkles form initially in areas where our facial muscles repeatedly fold the skin. Over time fine lines can appear elsewhere as the skin’s elasticity decreases with age and sun exposure. The skin’s volume decreases too and plumper areas such as our cheeks and lips gradually “deflate”, losing their youthful contours. Collectively these cause the lines and wrinkles we associate with an older appearance.

Dr. Thompson not only treats but trains other professionals to manage these inevitable problems that we all face as we age. There are now some truly amazing tools to help us look the very best for our age. Combination therapy is the best way to achieve the optimal non-surgical out come.

The Dr. Lee Thompson Centre for Skin Rejuvenation recommends the following treatment:

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