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The Last “D” of Deterioration. Descent or Droopiness of the Skin.

November 22nd, 2010

During our youth our face is full, rounded and the skin is firm. As we age, we gradually lose these features and our face descends or moves “south”. Laxity of the skin develops around the eyes. Hooding of the upper lid begins. We notice jowling along the jaw line. The neck skin becomes looser and crepiness becomes prominent. Adding volume with dermal fillers helps to support some of the laxity.

To actually firm the skin, tightening procedures need to be considered. An excellent option to improve the laxity is a procedure known as Thermalift or more commonly referred to as Thermage. The Thermage treatment uses high energy radio frequency to gently heat the collagen in our skin. The heat stimulates an increased synthesis of the structural protein collagen and tightens the skin in three dimensions. The result is a firmer and thicker skin, all occuring with no surgery involved.

Thermage is performed around the world and has an excellent safety record. The results generally occur over a six month period, however many people notice tightening the day of the treatment. If you are under sixty years old and have up to moderate laxity of your skin you are likely a very good candidate for this procedure. Thermage can also be used to treat laxity of the arms, the chest and the abdomen. Thermage is another part of the combination approach to achieve the best results.

In summary, for maximum benefit to non-surgically improve aging skin, a treatment plan combining Botox, Dermal Fillers, Intense Pulsed Light (Photorejuvenation), Thermage and possibly fractionated laser resurfacing would be optimal.

Thank you for tuning in. Join me next time, when I will discuss the treatment of acne.

The Beauty of Combination Treatments

September 3rd, 2010

Aging is a natural process for all of us.  With each decade of our life our skin changes.  These natural aging changes can be influenced by sun exposure, diet, lifestyle, stress and of course our genetic heritage.  Youthful faces are easy to spot.  Typically a young face displays a firm, full soft roundness with a very pleasing light reflection.  Over time our skin loses collagen, the structural protein and hyaluronic acid, the long chain sugar molecule that contributes to the support of our skin.

A combination of factors contribute to the three D’s of aging: 

  • Deterioration (fine lines, wrinkles and textural changes)
  • Descent (droopiness or sagging skin)
  • Deflation(loss of fullness or volume). 

Many cosmetic procedures and products target only one of these three D’s, however, new treatment combinations can address all three.

One excellent combination treatment involves Botox and Dermal Fillers.  Botox is used to relax the unwanted lines of facial expression and to smooth the skin (i.e. the frown, crow’s feet and forehead muscles).  The effect of Botox is much enhanced with the addition of Dermal Fillers.  Like the Luscious Lips procedure that I discussed before,  Fillers provide volume to areas that have deflated or hollowed.  The upper cheek and the area below the eyes are typical places where we see deflation.  Performed skillfully the combination of Botox and Fillers can create a natural and more youthful appearance.  The end result is that you look better for your age but not overdone.  The best comment that you want to elicit from others is:  “Gee you look great”, not  “My goodness what have you done!”

These are procedures that can be safely done by an experienced and well-trained physician.

Join me next time when I will talk about treatments to improve the first D:  Deterioration – fine lines, textural changes and even scars.  Another part to the beauty of combination treatments.

Smoothing Wrinkles and Looking Fresh

August 24th, 2010

Facial lines and wrinkles caused by repeated muscle contractions can be smoothed and relaxed with a simple safe cosmetic treatment.  Botox Cosmetic is an injectable treatment using a material that is derived from a purified protein.  Miniscule amounts of this protein are injected with a tiny needle that can relax dynamic facial wrinkles giving you a refreshed look.

Botox can relax muscles that cause us to frown and look stressed and even angry.  The squint lines or crows feet may be softened with Botox.  Botox is also an important preventative strategy that can help us ease into older age by reducing the development and deepening of facial lines.

A variety of medical conditions can also be treated with Botox.  It is widely used in adults and in children worldwide to treat eye alignment problems, headaches and spasticity disorders and many more problems.  For the past twenty years its safety record is excellent especially when applied by a medical professional.

Common concerns regarding the use of Botox such as,”I do not want to look frozen and expressionless” can be discussed with your practitioner before treatment.  Botox will still allow you to express yourself using your facial muscles.  Your expressions will not change but rather be softened and enhanced.

The safety, the simplicity and the precision makes Botox an integral cosmetic tool for your aesthetic physician.

Tune in next week when I will discuss the exciting use of combination treatments that can give you even better results