Woman recieving a mini lip injection


Looking for an affordable, simple way to refresh your look without looking overdone? Welcome to the Mini Lip injection. 

A mini lip injection can give your lips a beautiful sexy but natural subtle enhancement without the bruising and pain that accompanies other procedures.

We created this treatment to give you a quick and comfortable way to get luscious sexy natural looking lips and made these treatments famous in Vancouver and Victoria.

natural womens lips

high quality dermal fillers

Lips are very commonly volumized or plumped up with a variety of different dermal fillers. One of the most common and safest fillers used are hyaluronic fillers. These are natural substances that are actually long chain sugar molecules. They are present throughout your body and provide volume to your skin and lubrication for your joints. These fillers are sold in Canada under the brand names Restylane, Juvederm and Teosyal. The material is prepared as a clear gel.


Always Natural looking lips

Research has shown that many people were unhappy with lip injections and would be hesitant about having their lips done again. The concerns were consistent – too painful, an overdone look and too costly. A relatively new method of delivering these products and addressing the various concerns is the mini lip procedure. It is quite simply the best way to provide people with a predictably comfortable experience. Lips never look over done.

quality, experience, performed by a medical doctor OR LICENSED NURSE INJECTOR

The mini lip injection is performed using a very fine needle. Lips look instantly amazing and always appear natural. This lip procedure is exclusive to Dr. Lee Thompson and has been performed over a thousand times. The effects in most people seem to last between two and five months.